'Get your little a** in shape!': Tough love dad forces toddler to run alongside his car for 'football training'
Posted 12/19/2013 12:12:00 PM

A shocking video has emerged showing a young  boy being forced to run alongside his father’s car while the man shouts  obscenities at his son.

The man – who in the video identifies himself  as Brian Yates from Texas – can also be heard telling his son, who can’t be more  than five years old, that he is putting him through his paces for football  training.

‘This is how we train for football,’ he says. ‘Daddy drives and you run. Now get your little a** in shape!’


With the vehicle moving at eight miles an  hour, the father records his son running and shouts at him to increase his  speed.

‘Come on. Faster Yates. You’re running like  old Brian Yates. He ain’t worth a s***, an old slow son of a b****. Pick it  up!’

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Posted By: Producer Thomas  
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