The cost of a Super Bowl hot chocolate? $11! Fans' outrage at ridiculously high prices inside the Metlife stadium
Posted 2/3/2014 12:21:00 PM

Super Bowl fans were outraged about the the  price of Metlife Stadium concessions in Rutherford, New Jersey--especially the  price of normally inexpensive beverages like hot chocolate.

Astonishingly, Hot chocolate was priced at  the exorbitant amount of $11.00.

If fans wanted to buy hot chocolate in a  souvenir cup it would have cost them nearly twice the price at $20.00.


Premium canned beer was $14.00 and those who  wanted bottled beer and wine had to dig into their wallets for $12.00, reports Fox News.

The souvenir soup mug was just as expensive  as hot chocolate and cost $20.00 as well.

One ESPN reporter joked on twitter about  the  soup mug and wrote, 'Yes, prices are outrageous. But I have another  question.  Who goes to a #SuperBowl concession stand and orders soup?'

The stadium cheese steaks were next expensive  at $16.00.

The meatball sub followed closely behind at  $13.00. Mac n' Cheese was one of the more 'reasonable' food items on the menu  costing around $8.00.

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