Watch out for that truck! Cars to 'talk' to each other by 2017 under U.S. plan to significantly reduce accidents on the road
Posted 2/4/2014 11:58:00 AM

US regulators are crafting a rule that would  require all new vehicles to be able to 'talk' to one another using wireless  technology, which the Department of Transportation said would significantly  reduce accidents on the  roads and alleviate traffic congestion.

A rule mandating so-called vehicle-to-vehicle  communication technology should be put in place before President Barack Obama  leaves office in early 2017, DOT officials said on Monday.

A radio beacon would continually transmit a  vehicle's position, heading, speed and other information. Cars would receive the  same information back from other vehicles, and a vehicle's computer would alert  the driver to an impending collision. Some systems may automatically brake to  avoid an accident if manufacturers choose to include that option.


The National Highway Traffic Safety  Administration, which has been working with automakers on the technology for the  past decade, estimates vehicle-to-vehicle communications could prevent up to 80  percent of accidents that don't involve drunken drivers or mechanical  failure.

'When these technologies are adapted across  the fleet, the results could be nothing short of revolutionary for roadway  safety,' said David Friedman, acting administrator of the DOT's National Highway  Traffic Safety Administration.

The details of implementation are still  unknown.

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