Ind. mom launches online crusade for gun control


For Shannon Watts, the shock of the Connecticut school shootings quickly turned to anger — and then to action.

The Zionsville, Ind., mother of five, drawing on her days as a public relations executive with Fortune 500 companies, used social media during the weekend to launch a new organization: One Million Moms for Gun Control. Her goal is to counter the powerful influence of the National Rifle Association.

Watts envisions the new group as a digital-age counterpart to groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an "instant grass-roots" force to lobby local, state and federal officials for stronger gun laws.

She is off to a fast start. She has been joined by more than 1,600 others -- mostly mothers like her -- in the group she launched over the weekend via Facebook. Many volunteered to start local and state chapters, with interest stretching from New York to Atlanta to Chicago to San Francisco.

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