Perry proposes infrastructure upgrades, tax cuts


Governor Rick Perry gave his State of the State speech Tuesday. For the first time in more than four years he's offering to open up the state check book.

The Governor's ideas of tax relief along with rebuilding roads and water systems didn't exactly blow the top off the capitol dome, but there was some drama and excitement. About mid-way through his speech -- Governor Perry was interrupted by an outburst from several people in the House Chamber balcony. Supporters of the Governor drowned out the shouting with a standing ovation for Perry who at the time was talking about a tax reform plan he wanted lawmakers to consider.

"I didn't know there would be that much excitement about tax relief," the Governor joked.

The protestors were upset that the Governor continues to refuse to expand the Medicaid program. Troopers quickly ushered the group out of the chamber, where they continued to shout, "Expand Medicaid now."

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