Travis County Commissioners considers tax rebate for Apple

More incentives for the Apple Computer expansion will be considered by Travis County Commissioners later this morning...

Last week,some commissioners expressed some reservations about giving one of the wealthiest companies in the country a tax rebate. Commissioner Sarah Eckhart released a statement last week explaining that while she is delighted the computer giant is considering an expansion in Austin, the company does not deserve tax breaks simply because of the company's elite status. She says giving preferential tax treatment to wealthy corporate citizens erodes a county's ability to keep taxes low, services high and infrastructure well maintained. She says tax breaks should only be considered when the breaks will buy a greater public good that the market isn't supplying on it's own. Eckhart suggests Apple fill the 3600 jobs they say their expansion will bring with predominantly Travis County residents, recruit, train and hire economically disadvantaged residents and participate in funding the Lone Star Rail stop that will service it's North West Austin campus.

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