Austin City Hall becomes "Maricopa County Courthouse" for a few hours

How does Austin City Hall look as a courthouse? Anybody with business to take care of at the heart of city government found out Thursday.

The show "The Lying Game", which is part of ABC Family's lineup, was being shot in the atrium of city hall.  The show is normally taped in Austin and set in Scottsdale, Arizona. The massive, airy room where anybody doing business with the Mayor's office or registering to speak for a council meeting would pass through was littered with HD television cameras, lighting equipment and other gear.  Not to mention dozens of chairs for talent and film crew.

Getting video or interviews with the people involved in the event would have taken a lot of time and we were there to bring you facts from the city Police Monitor's office, arguably the biggest news conference of the day in Austin.  It would have also required getting clearance from the show's producers, while recording audio and snapping a few photographs didn't mean jumping through so many hurdles.

We asked how much ABC or their production contractor was paying to rent the atrium for a few hours. City staff returned with copies of this ordinance.

News Radio KLBJ's Jarrod Allen reports:


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