Travis County GOP (pix, audio, video)

The GOP in Travis County tells us they amped things up in the past few days and worked hard for a victory at the polls tonight. 

The Republican party tells us they were ready for a Romney victory in Texas, but they're also focused on keeping the momentum going.

Party leadership asked their members to vote in favor of propositions 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8, and no on the rest. 

While the national presidential margin of victory is expected to be razor thin, Texas is a shoe-in for Romney. The Travis County Republican Party's Kim Chambers says they've worked hard to keep things moving for the Grand Old Party. 

Click here for Travis County cumulative election returns from the Clerk's office

Click here for precinct-by-precinct returns

Chambers says her party watched the Ted Cruz / Paul Sadler Senate Race, the House District 48 race and the four races for the Third Court of Appeals. 

-Here is a short video interview with Travis County GOP Public Relations manager Kim Chambers-



Here is our full interview from the watch party with Travis County GOP Political Director Jay Wiley:

Here are a couple of reports from our reporter at the Travis County GOP watch party:



Here is our full interview with County GOP Director Dr. Rosemary Edwards after President Obama clinched Ohio's 18 electoral votes:


We kept you updated from four locations around Austin every 30 minutes. Below are a few pictures we took throughout Tuesday evening from the GOP watch party in between radio newscasts:

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