Voters approve most healthcare and most city measures

Travis County voters approve the Health District Prop 1 propterty tax increase.

Out of the 340-thousand votes cast on the property tax increase to help fund a medical school, 55-percent said 'yes' to the 45-percent that said 'no'. A sampling of voters at the Highland Mall Mega Voting Center shows the big money spent campaigning in favor of it paid off, "A medical facility?  Oh yea, that's a real good idea.  I saw the commercial on TV.  This woman had to take her husband to Houston over and over for treatments 'cause we don't have it here.  So, I was thinkin' 'Hey with U.T. and everything we ought to have that facility."

The new 12.9 cent rate raises the average homeowners tax bill for indigent health care to 277-dollars starting in 2014.

Austin voters approve spending an additonal 303-million dollars in City Bond Money. The only project turned down was 78-million in affordable housing programs.

Austinites also approved moving to geographic representation, a historic moment, after voters turn it down six times before. 10-1 Supporters say many diverse groups came together to force it on the ballot after council ignored the recommendation of the Charter Review Committee and that momentum carried to election day.

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