Council to consider emergency order to keep LCRA from releasing water downstream

Austin city council is seeking an Emergency Order to keep the LCRA from releasing any more water out of Lakes Travis and Buchanan.

The Highland Lakes are currently 43-percent full with a forecast of a dry winter. Austin city council is concerned levels could fall significantly lower by August of next year if no action is taken. The Lower Colorado River Authority has curtailed the release of water, but an Emergency Order from the TCEQ would reduce it even more. More than a million people depend on Lakes Travis and Buchanan for drinking water.

Council forking over 800-thousand for ten *consultants* to keep an eye on the Texas legislature.

And council's ready to annex the Circuit of the Americas track. The Emergency Service District 11 had asked for council to allow them to keep some revenue from the track to fund fire services to the track. (58) The City manager is directed to work details out with ESD 11.

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