Neighbors upset after finding out winner of AISD school board election is gay

One of the newest members of the Austin School Board is already dealing with controversy just days after the election after his campaign strategist outs his homosexuality.

Dr. Jayme Mathias tells Fox 7 news he didn't bring it up because he did not feel it was relevant to the main issue of trying to improve the education experience of school children in precinct 2, "During the entire campaign, neither my opponent or anyone associated with him felt the need to bring this up, nor did I feel the need to bring anything about his personal life up."

But neighbors in precinct 2 feel betrayed the issue was not brought up during the campaign. Frank Martinez says he would have voted differently if he'd known, "So many of the Christian people have very strong feelings on that issue, the gay issue.  I can honestly say that some people may have not voted for him because...knowing that he misled them."

Since Mathias sexual preference has been revealed, he's received numerous threats against him, even death threats.  Mathias reads one e-mail he received that says "I hope you die soon and burn in hell."

Mathias says he hopes to be a bridge builder in his new role on the school board.

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