(Video) F1 fans begin to arrive at ABIA

Austin-BergstromAirport is getting ready for a record number of travelers as the Formula One race and the Thanksgiving holiday converge.  F1 fans have already started to arrive in Austin and are greeted at ABIA with banners welcoming them and a Fisker Karma out front.  "We are hoping to have at least 40,000 people coming from Mexico here," said Luis Manuel Lopez, who is broadcasting the race to Latin America.  Mexican driver Sergio Perez is effectively driving in a "home race" so close to the border, which will draw thousands of fans from across the border and across the U.S.

"You have a lot of people coming from L.A. from California from Vegas - all of them Mexicans trying to come here and support Sergio- it's going to be a fun fun weekend for Mexicans," said Lopez. "It's going to be a good experience to have Formula One back in America." German Oliver Liedgens helped design the COTA  track for Tilke Engineering in Elroy.


F1 fans begin to arrive at ABIA

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