Judge to determine validity of lawsuit against Central Health over Prop 1

Today a judge will determine if the voter approved Proposition 1 can go forward.

Prop-1 will finance day-to-day operations of a new medical university and hospital.  Roger Faulk with the Travis County Taxpayers Union says there was a problem with the ballot language, "It's extremely troubling to have that situation out here and believe things that frankly are not true."

Jim Kauser with Central Health or Hospital District say there is no merit to the lawsuit and it should be dismissed immediately, "I think it is a waste of resources of the court, of Central Health and probably of the media too."  The Travis County Taxpayers Union tried to stop the measure last week saying Central Health did not get the ballot language cleared by the Justice Department, as is required, but Central Health quickly quashed that accusation after showing the Justice Department documents proving the organization did have the go-ahead from the feds.




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