Travis County considering a ban on some flying fireworks

A burn ban has been approved for another month in Travis County, and now Commissioners are deciding what to do about fireworks. Travis county commissioners will decide on Friday whether or not they want to officially ban fireworks with fins on them. But regardless of what they decide, stand owners won't be selling them. Chester Davis is with the pyrotechnic industry and says they are in favor of the ban. 

Davis says the industry has decided voluntarily not to sell any firework with wings on them, like bottle rockets, because of the dry weather. But, Davis says they want Commissioners to ban winged fireworks anyway. 

Zack Starns is also a member of the fireworks industry and says he agrees with the voluntary ban and will be pulling the items off the shelves because he thinks it will be dry enough to be a danger. Starns says Williamson County Commissioners refused to put a ban in place because officials there say it wasn't dry enough. But Hays and Bastrop have put a ban in place. The board approved a burn ban for Travis County that will last through January 9th.

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