AISD: 3rd - 8th graders exceed state average passing rate for STAAR test

AISD officials say their students exceeded the stateside 70 % passing rate in all subject areas. District student passing rates ranged from 82 to 58 percent. The strongest performances are in 3rd and 4th grade math with the district outpacing state passing rates by 9 percent. District officials are also calling results of high school students outstanding. At their meeting this week, the AISD board voted to defer implementing the state's provision requiring end or course assessments counting for 15 percent of a student's final grade.

The new statewide standardized test was given to those grades for the first time last year. Education Commissioner Michael Williams said he was encouraged by the results. Eighth grade students scored some the highest, with 80 percent passing the reading exam, 76 passing mathematics and 70 passing science. The STAAR exams replaced the TAKS test amid widespread complaints from parents and teachers. The STAAR test was supposed to count toward 15 percent of a student's end-of-course grade, but the Legislature has suspended the requirement. Students still take the exams, which are considered more stringent.

Lawmakers have promised to revamp standardized testing in this year's legislative session.

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