Austin woman recounts conditions on hobbled cruise liner

As the lawsuits begin and cruise sales decline in the wake Carnival Cruise lines "Triumph" troubled voyage, one Austinite woman recounts her experience.

What started as a trip to celebrate her grandparents 53rd wedding anniversary turns to a nightmare for 24-year-old Jordan Macha. She says the first three days were great but then about 5 a.m. on Sunday, "My mom was woken up and smelled something and it didn't smell right and it turned out to be an electrical fire in the engine room."

She says things quickly went downhill, "They came over the intercom and announced that the sewage system was down and every body needed to use number 2 in the red bags that they placed on your door and they recommended going number one in your shower, which that wasn't the case for my Mom and I.  Because depending on where you drain was in the shower and which direction the boat listed, it wouldn't drain properly, so we just using sink.

Lawsuits have already been filed against Carnival and more are expected.

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