Perry Slams Release of Immigrants From Detention Centers

Reports that the federal government released thousands of previously detained undocumented immigrants last week from detention centers because of budget cuts have prompted a harsh rebuke from Gov. Rick Perry.  On Monday, the governor asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement director John Morton in a letter to provide details to state and local authorities about the released immigrants, who the federal government said were deemed low-level offenders. The Associated Press reported that the administration, citing the looming budget cuts due to sequestration, released thousands of immigrants and not only hundreds as previously stated by ICE.  Perry said the release of the undocumented immigrants was "unconscionable," adding that the move "far surpasses the grandstanding Americans have come to associate with sequestration talks by potentially jeopardizing the safety of 26 million Texans." He also targeted what he called the federal government's failure to ensure border security.

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