Is North Korea really a threat to Austin?

With Governor Perry saying he understands why North Korea has apparently targeted Austin, and City manager Marc Ott vowing, "We’re prepared to take whatever precautions our Federal partners might deem necessary". Some Austinites are asking; "Should we be worried"? 

Austin's Chief of Police says partly no, but partly yes. Art Acevedo says "People in Austin were calling me worried about the potential threat that North Korea poses to Austin. I just said, I don't expect missles to start raining on Austin any time soon." 

Art Acevedo tells News Radio KLBJ that as far as a missile attack goes, North Korea is not capable of hitting Austin. But he does say we should be vigilant for Cyber Attacks or other types of terrorist attacks. He also says that he is more worried about 'homegrown extremists' than he is about North Korea.

Governor Rick Perry says he can see why they would target our city saying, "The individuals in North Norea understand that Austin, TX is now a very important city in America, as do corporate CEO's and other people who are moving here in record numbers."

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