'Michael Morton Act' to be signed into law today

The State takes time to honor a man that spent 24 years in Prison, wrongfully convicted.  Governor Perry will sign the Michael Morton Act into law.

"It can happen to you.  Because if it can happen to me, there's no reason why it can't happen to you,", in the words of Michael Morton himself.  He served 24 years in prison convicted of the murder of his wife.  In 2011 DNA Testing Cleared him and his lawyers believe the Prosecutor withheld evidence that would have prevented the conviction.  "I don't think prosecutors as a group are the bad guys.  Their job is putting bad guys away.  They're not the boogie man.  Prosecutorial misconduct is not an epidemic, but it happens." The bill would require Prosecutors to share their evidence with defendants.  Morton will attend the signing ceremony later today.

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