Volunteer firefighters looking for more funding

Volunteer firefighters say they need more state funding and the head of the state firemen's association says failure to provide that funding could have an impact no one wants to see.

Chris Barron, Executive Director of the State Firemen's and Fire Marshal's Association, says with the wildfire season projected to be a potentially busy one, it makes no sense not to fund volunteer fire departments.  “We’re kind of curious why we can’t allocate those funds that are already being collected to Texas fire departments so Texans can help take care of Texas.”

Barron says without the $15 million generally allocated to volunteer fire departments, some departments may be on the brink of closing their doors because they can't afford to buy fuel for their trucks or have trucks repaired.  He says it could also lead to longer response times. 

Barron says even when grant money is available; many volunteer fire departments still have to depend on fund-raisers, bake sales and donations to make ends meet.

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