Mayor declares today "Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Day"

Austin’s Mayor honors a local success story, by declaring today “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Day”.

What started as a former parking garage transformed into a one-screen theater by Tim and Karrie League has now turned into a major enterprise that’s expanding nationally. And one thing they’ve become known for are their no-talking/no cellphones PSA’s that run before their movies. They feature major actors usually, but sometimes local political figures like Ann Richards, and even Austin’s Mayor.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell’s PSA says “Hi I’m the honorable Mayor of Austin Lee Leffingwell and I strive every day to make this town a wonderful place to live. That’s why when I hear about folks who leave their phone on during the movie…I will work to destroy them”

Drafthouse founder Tim League says they’re continuing their nationwide expansion with two locations in New York, one in Michigan and one in San Francisco. Leffingwell declared today “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Day” at the Grand Opening of their new Lakeline theater, the largest location in Austin.

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