NAACP leader says police should be held accountable for killing young men

The leader of Austin’s NAACP tells the city that certain policies need to be changed to hold Austin police responsible for killing young black men.

Nelson Linder speaks at length to the Human Rights Commission, laying out what he calls City of Austin policies and programs that have a disparate impact on African Americans. Linder wants the city to change policies that lead police to target black men.

Linder says one of the main issues is that law only holds police responsible if they have "intent" to discriminate.  He thinks it should also hold them responsible if they are negligent. He is also asking the city compensate the family of Byron Carter Jr. saying the police were negligent even though they were not found legally liable. In the end the Commission postpones the discussion to a future meeting to give them time to vet all the facts and statistics laid out by Linder.

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