New crime-fighting tool for the APD

The Austin Police Department unveils a shiny new piece of crime-fighting equipment today. A brand new state of the art helicopter will be taking to the skies soon to keep Austin safe. APD Chief Art Acevedo says it will be a big help to the police department.

He tells KLBJ “For the first time the city of Austin has a public safety helicopter, a helicopter that is fully capable of completing all the mission requirements that we have in terms of payload capacity, in terms of operational ability”.

Acevedo says the helicopter can also be used to fight fires, and is capable of medical evacuations. The price of the new chopper is more than two million dollars.

See the full specs from APD below:

APD’s Eurocopter AS350 B3e Fact Sheet

Police forces in some 30 regions across the world operate aircrafts from the AS350 B3e family.

The AS350 B3e offers excellent visibility, has a pilot-friendly ergonomic cockpit and exceptional endurance and speed.

The unobstructed, flat floor cabin concept and low vibration level allow for the installation of all necessary equipment, including fully integrated law enforcement instrument panels, infrared cameras and tactical consoles.

The AS350 B3e features the latest technologies and is equipped with a wide range of certified optional law enforcement equipment.

The AS350 B3e is capable of high-speed pursuits and offers excellent maneuverability.

Thanks to its FADEC-equipped engine, starting the AS350 B3e is automatic and very simple.


 Bambi buckets for firefighting

capabilities to assist our

counterparts at the Austin Fire Department

 Infrared thermal imaging system (both modes can be recorded or transmitted via microwave downlink)

 Moving map with zoom and GPS

 Tracker for following or locating stolen property or vehicles

 Gyro-stabilized binoculars

 Simultaneous multiple channel police radio

 Second battery kit

 Air conditioning system

 Cargo hook

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