Leander residents concerned over nearby road changes

The rapid growth of Central Texas is making for odd battles like at The Crystal Falls neighborhood in Leander. The debate is over whether a portion of County Road 290 should be open to the public or only emergency vehicles.  The Leander City Council is now taking steps to annex the land along with some private property to open up the new connection for all drivers. But there is already opposition from concerned homeowners over the added dangers.

Homeowner John Gozberk, says he had no idea that the only road to his home would be changing from a road only accessed by few to a road open to many. "I just walked outside one day to see construction," Gozberk told KXAN. "As anybody who has driven the road can tell you there is barely any room for two cars to pass simultaneously."

Homeowners like Gozberk say CR 290 can't handle the added traffic, and opening it up to public would make for a dangerous situation. But the City of Leander says the change is a part of booming growth in the area and the road can handle the added traffic. The city conducted a study that found the added traffic would add about 200 more trips along CR 290 a day.

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