An APD officer shoots and kills another family pet

A man who's pet was killed at the hands of an officer says police are not living up to their promise to use non-lethal force against animals.

Austin police confirmed a dog was shot a dog while responding to a burglar alarm at a home in North Austin on September 9th.  Julian Reyes says his dog, 'Shiner Boch', was shot under similar circumstances in April and it's always the same story, "Anytime the officer fires his weapon, he just has to come up with the same lie, 'Oh, I perceived a threat, so I eliminated the threat, I killed, I shot and killed a person or an animal', whatever it is.  And it's always going to be upheld under the law." 

We are not sure why the dog, a Weimeraner named 'Lola', was shot.  Police say they are still investigating.  The department rolled out new pets encounter training earlier this year.  But Reyes says that training is not working, "They're supposed to have training to use non-lethal force for dog encounter, so we don't have dog shootings by police officers.  That's what Michael Paxton was promised by [Chief] Acevedo."  Paxton's dog 'Cisco' was killed by an APD officer after he responded to the wrong address for a domestic disturbance. 

Reyes says the police department's current training isn't adequate, "It's obviously not working.  We need to have a further training.  Probably the eight hour training like they're doing in Fort Worth PD, Leander PD, Arlington PD.  It's specificly by an ex-cop, specifically for dog encounters and cops ."

Officials tell us the incident is being investigated and reviewed by an Assistant Chief.  The officer involved in the shooting is still on active duty.


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