(VIDEO) Mopac sound wall prompts neighbor appeal to toll authority

"I'll feel like I'm in a prison."

Linda Barstow is very unhappy that a sound wall which she believes to be upwards of 80 feet tall is being planned along Great Northern Boulevard, along the future Mopac express toll lanes between RM 2222 and Far West Boulevard.

"I'll have no sunset. I will not have the trees along that border to help with the pollution that comes with the cars and all of that," she added.

Barstow was one of several neighbors who presented their points of view to the board of directors for the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority at their monthly meeting Wednesday morning.

Carri Crowe also told the CTRMA's board what she thinks of the walls. We later talked to Crowe about her feelings regarding the project. "They sent certified mail to these homeowners and properties, but the mail did not include any details. It just included an invitation to a meeting at sometime in the future, which they may not have been able to attend," Crowe told KLBJ.

"Our concern is about the portion of the wall from Bullard Drive, north. Not Bullard Drive, south. All we're trying to do is have the city or CTRMA take a look and do the things they can do about the placement of this wall," Aaron De La Garza told us.

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