Vice President Biden in Austin, visiting Domestic Violence Hotline

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Vice President Joe Biden has again visited a 24-hour, national domestic violence hotline he has long championed.

   Biden last came to the Austin-based National Domestic Violence Hotline in 2009. He also visited while a U.S. senator from Delaware three years before that.

   The hotline helped grow out of the Biden-sponsored Violence Against Women Act that Congress approved in 1994.

   He said Wednesday that across-the-board government spending cuts known as the federal sequester have cut domestic violence-prevention budgets.

   Biden's visit coincided with the unveiling of the hotline's new Internet chat service to help better meet demand.

   Hotline President Katie Ray-Jones said more than 100 staff members handle about 22,000 calls a month - but that capacity issues meant they were still unable to get to almost 52,000 calls in 2012 alone.


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