ABIA officials expect record setting day as F-1 fans leave Austin

Today could be a record-setting day at ABIA as thousands of people leave Austin after the Formula One Race.

The incoming flights prior to the race were apread out over several days, but today will see most of those folks headed back home. And it’s going to be taxing for ABIA. Spokesman Jason Zielinski says the day after the race weekend last year was huge and they expect even more this year, "Last year, Monday after the race we had 21,800 passengers leave the airport in a single day, which was an airport record.  So, we do anticipate today being the busiest day with everyone leaving all at once."

Zielinski says that they advise anyone leaving to arrive at least two hours prior to their flight and maybe even a little more if they need to go through customs to make an international flight.

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