Cornyn calls inability of military personnel to cast timely ballots "sadly ironic"

Thousands of ballots may not reach military voters and that's rubbing a U.S. senator from Texas the wrong way. John Cornyn says it's been clear for some time that the Department of Defense has made voting by our deployed military a low priority. “This most recent scandal has to do with widespread problems experienced by overseas military voters as a result of the failure to have a system of redirecting blank ballots.”

Cornyn says military personnel change duty stations frequently and that makes it important to redirect those ballots efficiently. He says the Defense Department lacks a centralized, mail re-direction system. Because of that, he says ballots are unlikely to reach service members until Election Day has passed.  He says it would sadly ironic if soldiers' ballots aren't counted in what could be a number of close elections..."since the poeple protecting our rights are being denied their opportunity to vote".

Conryn and four other senators expressed their concern in a letter this week to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. But he says that's not likely to stop the delays and prevent many military voters stationed overseas from being able to cast a ballot.

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