Teen killed in Southeast Austin was beaten by a gang

Murder charges are filed against four people accused of ganging-up on and and fatally beating a 16-year-old boy last Friday in southeast Austin. Austin Police Homicide Sergeant Scott Ehlert says Jorge Luis Medina Jr. was viciously attacked by gang members on Uphill Lane, a dead end street near 71 and East Riverside. Ehlert says it's from suspected gang activity. 

A fire was reported later that night at a house next to where the boy was attacked. The fire department responded almost immediately. Investigators are not saying if the fire was set as revenge. 

Ehlert says Medina was not part of the gang. Charges have been filed against 35-year-old Christina Renero, 18-year-old Arthur Estrada the third and two others, including one juvenile. They're all in custody, charged with Murder.

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