Cuts to women's health programs costing Texas big bucks

A conversation over restoring some funding to women's health programs is already getting started by Texas lawmakers. Austin State Representative Donna Howard says removing 66 percent of state funding for women's health has resulted in some unintended consequences and is costing us a lot more. She says if you add the federal matching funds, the state is approaching 300 million dollars more in costs by denying women family planning services. She says funding to Planned Parenthood specifically, is not likely. 

Howard says the 66 percent cutback on women's health programs has also resulted in an additional 24 thousand unplanned pregnancies that's costing the state over 100 million dollars. 

Donna Howard says there was not enough discussion on the issue during the last legislative session. It's 29 days until the 83rd session of the Texas Legislature gets underway, lawmakers are already talking about restoring some money to women's health programs.

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