Austin police accused of making light of threats of violence when victim is male

An Austin man is questioning whether Austin police have a double-standard on how they handle domestic violence cases when the victim is male.

Robert Golis is the roommate to Ryan Boyd and he says he watched him deal with harrassing calls and threats of harm for four months with no help from police before it escalated and Elizabeth McClain actually ran down Boyd's mother with her car. Golis says, even then, it took four days before they finally arrested McClain, "She'd already damaged Ryan's car. She put sugar in the gas tank. I was worried she might slash my tires. She could have come in with guns and done whatever. It was just amazing to me that the police didn't go out that night looking for her after she ran over someone."

Lori Boyd spent two weeks in the hospital being treated for a fractured clavicle, broken ankle, broken wrist and the skin was scraped off the right side of her body and face. Golis says their concern now is that bond is set too low and McClain will get out and pose even more of a danger. He says he's hopeful going public will prompt the authorities to treat this case the same way they would if the victim was female.

Dec 1, 2012:

A 22-year-old Austin woman is in the Travis County jail, charged with stalking her ex-boyfriend. Elizabeth McClain is also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after running over the mother of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Boyd on Monday. 

Months of harassing phone calls and threats by McClain after the pair broke up escalated November 29th.  According to the affidavit, McClain showed up at Lori Boyd's house questioning who the unfamiliar car belonged to in the driveway. Boyd dialed 9-1-1 and stepped behind her car to get the license plate number,  McClain said with a big smile on her face, "Oh no you don't" and threw the car in reverse, running her over and dragging her. Boyd is currently hospitalized with a fractured clavicle, broken wrist, ankle, and ribs and her skin scraped off the entire right side of her body. 

McClain is also charged with stalking her ex-boyfriend since their break-up in September. It's alleged at one point she called him 750 times in a row. Police says McClain could get up to 20-years behind bars.

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