Austin police arrest a man for allegedly assaulting a 97-year-old woman

A 97-year-old woman is assaulted by a 32-year-old man after police say he broke into her north Austin home and tried to burglarize it. Austin Police Sergeant Robert Hester says the woman put up a big fight. 

Police say the man used his victim's own life alert necklace to try to strangle her. Police have arrested 32-year-old Jonathan Hodges as their only suspect in that burglary near Braker and North Lamar. Vikki Branning is the victim's daughter and says she thinks her mother's home alarm activated and scared off the assailant. 

Branning is an EMT here in town. She was told about the incident by her supervisor as the address came through their system. The victim is being described today as a tough woman who was a Rosie the Riveter back during World War II.

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