Kearney: UT officals told her firing over affair not the same as professors who have affairs

A former UT Track coach says she was told her firing over having an affair with a student athlete wasn't the same as discipline handed down to professors who had affairs with students.  Ousted UT Track Coach and Hall of Famer Beverly Kearney tells CNN she never denied the affair with the student athlete.  She says she wasn't aware of a policy that required employees to disclose relationships with students, "The disclosure part was never brought to me as why I was being terminated.  I was being terminated as a result of the relationship.  And at that point I said 'Then has everyone else been terminated as a point of reference of having had a relationship.'  And they said we don't view those as the same as yours."

Kearney says she has hired an attorney to make sure she is treated the same as others in similar situations.  No word on if a lawsuit will follow.

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