Day 2 of jury deliberations in Gabrielle Nestande case

UPDATE: At about 8:30p.m. Wednesday evening, the jury ended deliberations for the day with no verdict. Jurors are to return tomorrow at 9a.m.

EARLIER: Just before 4p.m. the jurors told the judge they could not reach a unanimous decision. The judge ordered them back into closed door deliberations to figure out a decision and make it unanimous.

The jury is back at it again today to determine the guilt or innocence of a former Legislative aide involved in a deadly hit and run more than a year and a half ago.

In closing arguments, Assistant Travis County District Attorney Alison Wetzel tells the jury Gabrielle Nestande's judgment was impaired, "What's she doing?  She's getting on her phone and checking her alarm?  Does that make sense to you?  Is that something a sober person would do?  She did that because she was intoxicated."

But defense attorney Perry Minton tells the jury Wetzel and her colleague's efforts in the courtroom left reasonable doubt, "Ms. Farrington submitted to you 'we know she was this' and 'absolutely she was that'.  We don't.  We just don't.  And if we don't know and if we can't get to beyond a reasonable doubt then we should not convict that young lady of anything."

 Nestande could get a maximum of 20 years behind bars if she's found guilty.

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