Decision day looms for Perry on re-election

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal while in New York last week, Gov. Rick Perry was asked what he had learned from his failed bid for president. The reply had the practiced air of a man who had thought through how to address a skeptical world – and perhaps assuage his own self-doubts – about why his first faltering run for president was not so much a disqualifying experience as a historical prerequisite for ultimate success. And there he was, more than three years before the next presidential election, in New York City, backed by a million-dollar advertising blitz, selling Texas and, not incidentally, himself, in what had all the trappings of a presidential campaign in waiting.

But first, Perry, now going on 13 years governing Texas since he assumed office on Bush’s ascension to the presidency, has to decide if he is going to seek a fourth term as governor in 2014. Here too, his visit to New York was clarifying. A decision, he told both Bloomberg and Larry Kudlow on CNBC, would be announced by July 1, with a judgment on whether to seek the presidency to come later.

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