Capitol Area BSA says membership is up following decision to allow gay scouts

Membership in the boy scouts skyrocketed last month during a drive to get more teens to join the group.  That's three months after a decision was made to allow boys who self identify as 'gay' into the Scouts.

A 30-percent jump in membership is what Charles Mead, of the Capital Area Council, is reporting, "Normally you don't see that kind of a percentage increase year to year.  So, we're really pleased just on the basis of this number, especially in light of how difficult this year has been."

Mead says it is not clear if the national vote to allow gay teens into the scouts had an impact, but the timing is suspect.  He tells us it's natural for parents to get sidetracked with the stories about the membership policy decision, and he's glad that seems to be subsiding.

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