Judge to hear Sherman Hemsley's relatives


EL PASO, Texas (AP) - Relatives of Sherman Hemsley from Philadelphia are expected to appear at the El Paso probate court for a hearing where the judge will hear them and consider DNA tests ordered to solve the matter.

The tests were ordered in September when a man claimed to be the brother of the late "The Jeffersons" star.

Richard Thornton is challenging the validity of Hemsley's will, which names the actor's longtime friend, Flora Enchinton, of El Paso, as sole beneficiary. Hemsley died of lung cancer July 24.

The relatives were expected last week but weather conditions due to Superstorm Sandy prevented them from flying to El Paso. Hemsley was born in Philadelphia but had lived in El Paso for the past 20 years.

Court documents indicate Hemsley's estate is worth more than $50,000.

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