Sens. Cornyn, Cruz set to tour West blast site


WEST, Texas (AP) - The two U.S. senators from Texas will be in the small community of West to view the damage from this week's massive fertilizer plant explosion.

Sens. John Cornyn (KOHR'-nihn) and Ted Cruz are set to get a briefing Friday while viewing the disaster up close and meeting with local officials. So will the Czech ambassador to the United States, Petr Gandalovic (PEE'-tur gan-DAHL'-oh-vich). A large number of residents in the Central Texas community have Czech heritage.

In a statement on the Senate floor Thursday, Coryn asked lawmakers to pray for the town and said the nation is grieving with West as authorities search for remains of victims.

Investigators are being tight-lipped about the number of dead from Wednesday's blast, but authorities say more than 160 were injured.

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