Female condoms, rare baseball card and Grandma fights back
Posted 7/29/2010 2:00:00 AM
Charlene Cotton wants to talk about sex. She hands out condoms in Washington and is part of a city-wide effort to fight the spread of HIV. Cotton asks women who are passing-by if they've heard of the female condom. She also demonstrates its use with anatomical models. Community groups are handing out a-half million female condoms in the nation's capital. The city is also pushing an ad campaign that shows a couple and a female condom package, with the slogan: "Get turned on to it.''

Too many wild men are swiping the "Wildman Road'' signs. So, officials in Greene County, Ohio, are giving up trying to replace them. Wildman Road is in a rural area, making the signs easier to steal. County Engineer Robert Geyer say most of the missing Wildman signs are probably hanging in garages, bedrooms or dorms.

Holy Grail? No, Honus Wagner! A Chesapeake, Va., coin shop is displaying one of the rarest of all baseball cards. It's a 1909 Honus Wagner card, one of only about 100 known to still exist. It's being shown at Dominion Coin this week. The card is now owned by a Baltimore convent. It was left to the nuns by the brother of one of the sisters. It's up for auction in Texas next week. A Honus Wagner card in pristine condition has sold for more than two million bucks. This one is worn and is expected to go for about 150-grand.

Move over, McGruff. A Florida great-grandmother is taking a bite out of crime. Police in Daytona Beach report Patricia Robertson bit a purse snatcher hard enough to draw blood. The 73-year-old woman then was dragged several feet while hanging on to her attackers' truck. Robertson told police a couple snatched her purse at a gas station. She adds she doesn't know how she got the strength to fight back. A witness saw the commotion, called 911 and followed the crooks. Police made the bust and returned Robertson's purse. She says she almost lost a tooth biting her attacker.

Dean Rissler is charged with letting it all hangout. Police in Newark, Del., say the 42-year-old man was swimming naked in an apartment complex pool. Police report a 17-year-old lifeguard told Rissler to put on his trunks, which he did. Minutes later the lifeguard called the cops after police say Rissler was doing leg lifts in the pool without his bathing suit. According to court records, Rissler told officers he finds it "less restrictive'' to swim nude.

You can cook like a restaurant chef. At least according to Jed Smith. He gives cooking lessons in Bozeman, Mont., but his students don't go to him. Smith's cooking classes are taught in home kitchens. He tells a local paper (Daily Chronicle) he wants to teach people how use their own kitchens efficiently. Smith says just about anyone can cook a restaurant-quality meal for about four bucks per person.
Posted By: Todd Jeffries  

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