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Deportations Give Migrants Cold Feet

Esther Vasquez arrived in this dusty town in southern Mexico on a recent day to jump a freight train with her young son in hopes of eventually making it into the U.S. She said she hadn't been deterred by dangers, even after she and her 10-year-old son Oscar were briefly kidnapped by a Central American gang.

But now, Ms. Vazquez isn't sure the journey is worthwhile, thanks to the rapid spread of news that the U.S. is speedily deporting undocumented Central American families. A rise in deportations in the past two weeks anchor a broader international effort to stem the flood of child migrants across the Rio Grande that has spawned a humanitarian crisis and a U.S. political brawl over immigration.

"People are now telling me that things have changed," Ms. Vasquez said, leaving her uncertain whether to press ahead or return home to La Ceiba on Honduras's Atlantic coast.

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