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Three officials leave Bandera County Sheriff's Office after party incident

Karen Grace

Three Bandera County Sheriff's Office employees have left their jobs after a party ends with an enraged husband and racy photos.

Bandera officials said what happened was so embarrassing that two deputies and a dispatcher are no longer on the force.

At 2 a.m. on June 25, Bandera County deputies arrived at a home in Lakewood Estates in Bandera to break up a disturbance involving three of their own.

"A husband came home and caught a male deputy in a compromising position with our dispatcher," said Lt. Allen Tucker, spokesman for the sheriff's office.

That dispatcher was the man's wife. However, the husband didn't walk away without revenge.

"He seen what was going on, went to a convenience store, purchased a camera, and came back," Tucker said.

The man then startled the deputy and dispatcher, snapping pictures of them in the act. The photos were given to the sheriff's office, and it cost the dispatcher her job.

"She is a married woman," Tucker said. "It looked bad for the department."

Officials said the male deputy was so embarrassed that he quit.

"This department has a no-tolerance policy, and we are not going to put up with that kind of stuff," Tucker said.

Another female deputy at the party was also fired, after sources said she made threats against the husband.

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