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A.I.S.D. settles with controversial art teacher...


Austin High art teacher who posed nude resigns
Tamara Hoover plans to pursue graduate degree.

By Raven L. Hill
Thursday, August 17, 2006

Austin High School art teacher Tamara Hoover has resigned from her job, extinguishing a firestorm that began when nude online pictures of her were brought to the attention of school administrators.

Hoover submitted a letter of resignation Wednesday. She said that she will receive a $14,850 settlement from the Austin school district, several months' salary. District officials said that a settlement is pending and that the board of trustees is expected to consider it Monday. Mel Waxler, the district's general counsel, would not confirm the amount, saying he was not at liberty to discuss the matter before it is finalized.

Hoover said she's sad about the outcome but will focus on moving forward.

"I wasn't prepared to stop teaching. I never wanted to resign from teaching," she said. "I don't think this is the most ideal outcome. I was definitely impressed by (the district's) willingness to come to the table. I just wish they would have done that in the beginning."


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