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Average guy sorry he won the lottery...


Juan Rodriguez, an average guy, thought he'd won it all. Now, he wishes he hadn't been so lucky.
Stuck with a winning ticket

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Aug. 14, 2006

JOURDANTON - Juan Rodriguez wanted nothing more than to be one of the guys in rural South Texas where he was raised, and he was until six years ago, when he had the misfortune to acquire almost $9 million from the state lottery.

Today, he's lost his anonymity, his buddies, whatever girlfriends he once had, and most of his family, whom he no longer trusts. He rarely ventures outside the trailer here where he lives alone.

Booze and the four dogs he keeps chained outside are his main companions.

"To tell you the truth, I wish I didn't win," he said from his living room one recent evening, nursing the first of nine Michelob Ultras he would consume by 10 p.m.