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CBS gets Katie Couric ready for anchor chair...


Katie Couric and Fake News

They say that appearing on television adds ten pounds. And that may be. But CBS has discovered an even better theorem -- appearing in the house magazine drops at least 15.

Have you heard about Katie Couric's new diet? The pounds just melt away.
The network wants to do all it can to make new evening news anchor Katie Couric appealing, but its magazine "Watch,'' went the extra mile in its September issue, Photo-shopping a picture of Couric to give her thinner arms, neck, and waist.

(All that technology available and they never did a thing about the bags under Bob Schieffer's eyes? Hey, we kid. As we've said before, CBS would have been smarter to stick with Schieffer and save the millions it is spending for Couric.)

The blog TVNewser is credited with catching the ruse and there has been a predictable ramping up of outrage from the media critics. Couric, as is her style, came up with a nifty quip, saying she preferred the first version because "there was more of me to love.''