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JonBenet beauty pageant footage roles again...


Tabloid TV in Its Element

Cable news shows are again quick to judge -- and to roll the child beauty pageant tapes that made the JonBenet case such a sensation.

By Paul Brownfield
Times Staff Writer
August 18, 2006

Cleared of involvement in their daughter's slaying, still guilty of involvement in beauty pageants.

That's been the hasty verdict from cable news following the apparent break in the JonBenet Ramsey case. When the news hit, the imagery that had made the JonBenet story a tabloid TV home run resurfaced.

Here's JonBenet, strutting across the stage costumed as the last of the Vegas showgirls, as a debutante in plaid, as a sassy cowgirl.

It was the Vegas showgirl get-up that seemed to border on child endangerment.

"Was this man stalking child beauty contests?" Ed Miller of "America's Most Wanted" speculated Wednesday night. "Did something in her performance set him off? That's the big question."