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Mike Wallace Interviews Iranian President Ahmadinejad...


Mike Wallace Interviews Madcap Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Monday, August 14, 2006
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It doesn't get much better for a professional journalist than to land an interview with a well-known, belligerent world leader who hates America and whose sanity is obviously in question. Nor does it get much better for the belligerent world leader who gets a televised platform for propaganda and the chance to hoodwink the world by being charming in front of the camera.

Therefore, the Mike Wallace interview of Iran's madcap President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for CBS' "Sixty Minutes" must have been a mutually gratifying experience for both parties. Well, that's just great, good for them. Unfortunately, as a member of the television audience, it didn't do a thing for me and I suspect that was the case for millions of others.

Anybody who pays the least attention to the news and to what's going on in the world has already heard Ahmadinejad's rationalizations for why he hates America, why the Zionist entity must be destroyed and how Iran only wants nuclear energy, not nuclear bombs. Why do we need to hear him repeat it all to Mike Wallace?