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Exclusive: Jeff Ward Callers React to the Man/Woman Without a Bra

The Jeff Ward Show had an interesting topic. The GoTopless Rally was held downtown on Sunday where many protested for equality. But that wasn't the main story that surfaced, it was about a man, or woman, who was captured on a photo that left many wanting to pluck their eyes out. Check out the Jeff Ward Show Highlight Clip of the Day.


That man may need a bra....or is it a woman?


Kris Betts from KVUE called onto the show as well to give her account of the festivities downtown


Kris Betts gives her thoughts about the GoTopless Rally in Austin, and the man/woman without a bra

For all of Jeff Ward's Show Highlights, CLICK HERE


More than a dozen women and some men protested outside the Texas State Capitol on Sunday afternoon as part of a national movement for topless equality, "Go Topless Day."

Holding signs and waving at cars as they drove by, protesters stood, topless, with some surprised onlookers snapping photos.

Being topless is legal in Austin, but the nationwide movement claims that women have the same constitutional right that men have to go bare-chested in public, everywhere. 

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