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Michigan woman blames zoo for losing a finger when she tried to pet a caged lion

A Michigan woman says she'll sue a zoo for not taking enough steps to protect her after she had a bit of her right, middle finger bit off while trying to pet a lion.

Renae Ferguson was visiting the Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park outside of East Tawas this Saturday when she she says a worker let herself and daughter Tina Dobson into a lion's cage.

'I put my hand down there to pet it and it ripped my finger,' Ferguson told WNEM.




'I was in total shock,' she said. 'I really didn't believe that was part of my finger laying on the ground.'

She claims that the owners were more worried about their reputation than her well-being.

'They just told me not to tell. They told me to lie,' she said.




Ferguson said she plans take legal action.

While she doesn't want the zoo to go out of business, she believes they must prevent another person from being attacked.

'They are beautiful, but don't do it,' she said.

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