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New app allows actors and public figures to respond to mentions

Imagine logging into Facebook, writing a message about your favourite singer, actor or athlete and then them replying directly to you.

Well that's exactly what has happened to some fans, with celebrities including Mariah Carey and Samuel L. Jackson using a new app on the social networking site to 'status bomb' users.

Whoopi Goldberg even used the app to tell a critic why his opinion was wrong, serving him a hot slice of humble pie.

The new Facebook Mentions app allows celebrities to see every time a user has put their name in a status, picture caption or comment.

Famous people who have verified pages will then be able to reply or like the post.

The app was released in the US last month and is being rolled out across the world.

The first celebrities have started to reply to their fans and, in the case of Whoopi Goldberg, their critics.


Dom Hall did not expect a huge reaction when he posted a status about a film he had just seen.

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